• ASBCB 2021. The ISCB and ASBCB hosted the joint Virtual Conference on Bioinformatics online, June 7 - 10, 2021. This constitutes the 7th joint ISCB-ASBCB meeting, and the 8th ASBCB conference on Bioinformatics of African Pathogens, Hosts and Vectors.

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Welcome to ISCB Africa ASBCB 2021!

The International Society for Computational Biology and the African Society for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology are excited to bring you virtually ISCB-Africa ASBCB Conference on Bioinformatics, June 7-10 2021.

The ISCB-Africa ASBCB virtual conference's multidisciplinary broad bioinformatics scope features the ASBCB Communities of Special Interest (more about ASBCB CoSIs) as the foundation of this scientific conference. The conference will foster fresh dialogues, collaboration, and learning opportunities.

Here is what to expect:

Mark your calendar now to be sure to attend this meeting in June 2021. The organizers look forward to welcoming you virtually! www.asbcb.org